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Numbered Paper Rolls Tickets

We all know tickets; we have all bought them at some point of time in order to gain access to an event. It may be a ticket to Glastonbury festival, a cloakroom ticket for depositing a garment at the concert hall or using a food voucher for a meal at Tivoli amusement park.
In many events you will find some sort of admission control. After admission there may be an option for depositing belonging in a cloakroom facility. At the event beverages and foods are offered to the guest. You can use our numbered roll entry tickets for admission control, our roll cloakroom tickets for convenient depositing of personal belongings and our numbered food and drinks tickets for keeping track and controlling consumption of food and beverages. JMband, is a leading roll tickets supplier to the UK and Republic of Ireland.
If you are looking for roll tickets, you have come to the right place. We offer high quality tickets including custom printed roll tickets with your text and logo at competitive prices. We also supply quality accessories like roll ticket dispenser and DIY rubber stamp. Convenient and ease are the key words when it comes to roll tickets. A practical, easy, efficient and relatively cheap solution for ticketing.

Uses of Numbered Paper Ticket Rolls

Numbered Paper tickets are used as an exchange media for physical products, for services or for granting permissions. It may be access to an event, as a voucher for food or drinks or for using a wardrobe. It is not at all high tech, the old fashion way of doing things, but it works and it has its advantages due to its simplicity.

Custom Printed Roll Tickets With Your Text And Logo

We can also supply custom printed roll tickets with your text and logo. Custom roll tickets are manufactured with a custom print on the back of the tickets your text and logo. You can design your own roll tickets and send us the graphic to be printed. Please contact us for more information.

Roll Ticket Dispenser

A good roll ticket dispenser is indispensable when using roll tickets. The paper tickets reel is held vertically in place which makes It easy to distribute the tickets to the users. The front surface of the tickets held in the dispenser may be visible, to both the dealer and the user.
Besides that a ticket dispenser prevents tangling between rolls. You can expand the use of every ticket using a single whole punch. Holes on the tickets are associated with the number of items or functions used in a single ticket. If you would like to customise the back of the tickets or coupons making them unique, you can use our DIY rubber stamp. Texts and even icons may be imprinted on the roll ticket vouchers according to your need. Using a DIY rubber stamp allows you to change dates and messages whenever needed.

Types Of Roll Tickets That We Supply

The paper roll tickets are supplied in vivid colors making it easy to distinguish between the different types of tickets from a distance. The numbered ticket rolls (Tear Off Tickets) which are are micro perforated in intervals are supplied in various colours as specified below:
Roll beer tickets, in orange color
Roll cocktail tickets, in purple color
Roll wine tickets in, red color
Roll soft-drink tickets, in blue color
Roll bottled-drink tickets, in green color
Roll coffee tickets, in brown color
Roll mixed drinks tickets in red, blue, yellow, green colors, these are suitable as wedding drink tickets, drink tickets for events, drinks tokens for parties and general purpose drinks vouchers
Roll food tickets, in white, yellow, green colors
Roll sandwich tickets, in brown color

Materials Used in the Manufacture of Roll Tickets

Quality is what characterizes our tickets. The roll tickets are made of either standard pulp paper, wood-free paper and also thermal sensitive paper.
Our entire selection of roll tickets are micro perforated in intervals making it easy to tear off the tickets from the rolls.

Buy Online Roll Tickets, Admission Tickets Roll and Other Paper Ticket Rolls In UK And Republic Of Ireland

All our drink tickets, food tickets, beer tickets, wine tickets and other paper roll tickets are of a high quality in vivid colours and at a very good price. We have a large selection of different roll tickets in stock for immediate delivery. For customized roll tickets we would need to have some time for production depending on customer requirements and the quantity.
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We will ship your order from Aarhus in Denmark and all our orders will be dispatched within 24 hours for items in stock. Plain paper wristbands with no printing are dispatched same day. Custom paper wristbands are normally dispatched next day.

We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK such as Isle Of Man may take an extra day or two.