Fabric wristbands

Buy festival wristbands with logo and text made of fabric.

Fabric cloth wristbands for exclusive, effective and durable admission control.

Compare quality and price, we are the best and cheapest.

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Woven fabric wristbands and digitally printed fabric wristbands

There are two basic groups of customized textile wristbands (also called fabric wristbands) woven wristbands and printed wristbands.

Most popular material for fabric wristbands is polyester, either standard or recycled material. Other options are bamboo fabric and cotton festival wristbands.

Fabric wristbands are water proof, tear resistant, stretch resistant, light weight and are very difficult to transfer from one person to another when using permanent closure.

The wristbands can be locked either permanent, with tamper evident closures or with reusable closures.

Permanent closures can be plastic quick-lock or metal crimping ring. Reusable closures are either plastic press button closures, pearl closures, or snap closures.



We offer stock fabric wristbands with unique patterns or customized wristbands with your text and logo.

Customized textile wristbands may be used for advertising and promotion.

Textile wristbands are one size fits all, but the location of the graphics is dependent on whether the wristbands are meant for adults or for kids.


WOVEN in 7 colors, versus PRINTED in full color (sublimation)

Woven wristbands

+ very durable, colors are stable and do not fade easily.

-  no gradient colors.


Printed wristbands

+ full color printing with gradient colors.

-  durable but not for a prolonged wearing period.

-  back of the wristband is white or ink printed.