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Design yourself wristbands online.

Save time and costs.

  • Marking bands express service Design Online, save time and costs.Material: Tyvek® poyethylene (synthetic plastic paper).No minimum order.Free sequential numbering.Production time: 1 day *.Printing color: black.Synthetic paper bands Video: Design

  • Paper wristbands with text and logo - express Design Online save time and costs. Buy paper wristbands at the market's absolutely bestquality. Material: Tyvek® polyethylene (synthetic plastic paper). No minimum order. Free sequential numbering. Production time: 1 day *. Printing color: black. Paper festival wristbands. Video: Product Design

  • Paper wristbands multi color express Design Online, save time and money.Paper wristbands. material - Tyvek®.No minimum order.Production time: 1 day *.Free sequential numbering.Print color Black. Video: Product Design

  • Plastic wristbands express Design Online, save time and costs.Material: PVC plastic.No minimum order, max 500 wristbands.Production time: 1 day *.Printing color: Black. Video: Product Design

  • Textile woven wristbands and fabric wristbands Design Online, save time and money.  Textile wristbands with metal or plastic lock.  Fabric wristbands - 15mm or 20mm woven.Minimum order: 100 wristbands.Production: ~16 days*.Duration: can be used many days. Video: Product  Design

  • Debossed silicone and rubber wristbands  Best quality on the market.Design Online, save time and costs.Impact: debossed + color fill.Minimum order: 100 wristbands.Material: 100% latex-free, silicone rubber.Our wristbands are safe - see test report. Material Test Report - PDFProduction: 18 days* Video: Design