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Price guarantee

Always lowest prices at JMband, with guarantee !

If you find exactly the same article you are offered at JMband, cheaper from another local supplier and you can document it, you will get that product at the same price from us and we will give you a 5% DISCOUNT WARRANTY for the inconvenience!

Price guarantee does not apply to goods which other vendors offer for sale during a limited scope and time or for special occasions.


On Time guarantee

Your order will be dispatched On Time when you order from JMband, with guarantee !

If for some reason we fail to dispatch on time, we will offer a full refund on your order.

This is not a delivery guarantee. We use freight forwarders and postal services for dispatching and receiving goods. Once goods are delivered to the forwarder / post it is out of our control.


Quality guarantee

You will get quality goods from JMband, with guarantee !

If we made a mistake we will take full responsibility for it.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods you received, we will accept them back. If we think we can do it better we will reproduce the problematic goods, if we don’t think we can improve, we will issue a full refund for the goods.

This guarantee does not cover quality problems due to mistakes made by the person who placed the order. Refund is limited to 165 £.


Return guarantee

We will accept goods that you would like to send us back to JMband, with guarantee !

No matter what your reason is for wanting to return goods, you have 14 days to send them back to us. We will accepted them with a smile.

This guarantee does not include custom made goods or sequentially serialized goods not starting at 001.