Stock paper wristbands with a coupon
  • Stock paper wristbands with a coupon
  • Tyvek paper wristbands with a stub
  • Coupon paper wristbands  for festival
  • Removeable stub at the end of tyvek paper wristbands
  • Release paper coated with silicone for protecting the adhesive on tyvek paper wristbands with a stub

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Paper wristbands with STUB In stock

Product Nr :  JM20250
US$0.12 tax excl.

Buy Paper Wrist bands with removable coupons

Add an extra control function to your paper wristbands using coupons.

Compare us on quality and price, we supply paper bracelets with stubs of the highest quality and lowest prices

A coupon is a stub of ~30mm at the end of the wristband, which you can tear off along a perforation line. The coupon has the same number as the wristband.

 Material: Tyvek® polyethylene (synthetic plastic paper).
 Minimum order: 10 pcs.
 Free backgound color change.
 Free sequential numbering.
 Paper wristbands with coupons for more control.
 Adhesive guarantee*.

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Dispatching time Order before 15:00, we normally send out the same day.

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Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
2000 6% Up to US$14.40
3000 14% Up to US$50.40
4000 21% Up to US$100.80
5000 34% Up to US$204.00
10000 43% Up to US$516.00

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More Info

* Adhesive guarantee: if the wristbands are stored in a cool and dry place, we give a 2 years guarantee on the adhesive.

Paper wristbands with coupon specifications

Wristband size: width - 19 mm (¾ "); length - 255 mm (10").

Coupon size:
~30mm X 19mm.

Tyvek® polyethylene (synthetic plastic paper).

Dimensions of paper wristbands with no printing

UV-code - Invisible UV security code at the end of the wristband. UV-flashlight
Paper wristbands in stock with invisible UV code

Available colors:

Paper wristbands without print, colors  Available colors for paper wristbands without print  Different colors available for paper wristbands without print

Pantone®: Green- 802 (UV ref.) ; Dark green- 348 ; Red- 032 ; Dark red- 1935 ; Blue- 801 ; Dark blue- 293 ; Yellow- 803 (UV ref.) ; Bronze- 118 ; Orange- 1495 (UV ref.) ; Purple- 2587 ;  Pink- 806 (UV ref.); White ; Grey- 421 ; Black.

Color chart - not accurate on your computer screen. ► Pantone® color chart
UV Black light reflective wristbands background colors : Pink Green Orange Yellow
Environmentally friendly paper wristbands. We print with Soya ink. ► Eco information
Hypoallergic Tyvek wristbands: Dupont Tyvek® ► MSDS material safety data sheet
Durability: Our paper wristbands can hold for many days ► Durability test

Four day test under water of printed paper bracelets Test: Four days under water with printed paper bracelets 4 days under water with printed paper bracelets on the wrist

Adhesive lock.
Requires no special tools.
'One size' fits all. S-M-L-XL.
Effective sealing system.
Sequentially numbered.
10 pcs. per sheet.
Water resistant.
Tear resistant.
light weight.
Cost effective solution.
1M Always more than one million wristbands in stock.


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