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Plastic wristbands L print Via eMail

Product Nr :   JM2021

Printed plastic wristbands L.

Because of enviromental conciderations, we intend to discontinue this product in 2021

Increase your control using durable marking and identifying.

Buy plastic wristbands at the market's absolutely best quality.

 Material: soft plastic.
 Lock: snap button lock.
 Printing color: all basic colors + gold and silver.
 Minimum order: 500 wristbands.
 Production time: max. 12 days (calendar days)*.

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Product Nr :   JM2021

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*Production time: maximum 12 days (including weekends and holidays) up to 5000 wristbands. For larger orders please contact us.

Specifications for printed plastic wristbands L

Printing areas and dimensions of plastic wristbands

Size: Width - 19mm (¾") ; Length - 255mm (10").

Printing area: 15mm X 90mm,

Material: soft PVC plastic, laminated.

Structure: flexible and stretch resistant.

Dark green ; Light green ; Neon yellow ; Yellow ; Pink ; Red
Blue ; White ; Orange ; Grey ; Gold.
Available colors for plastic wristbands

Plastic Wristband One size fit all icon

Plastic Wristband Light weight icon

Plastic wristbands Button lock icon

Plastic Wristband Water resistant icon

One size fit all

Light weight

Button lock

Water resistant

Plastic Wristband Tear resistant icon

Plastic Wristbands sheet icon

Plastic Wristband Sequential numbering icon

Plastic Wristband barcode icon

Tear resistant

Format: 10 per sheet

Option-Sequential numbering

Option- Barcode

Our plastic wristbands are functional and efficient.

Printed plastic wristbands may also be used as a promotional Tool.

Plastic wristbands production
Plastic wristbands are produced by stamping PVC sheets with a metal form. The sheets may be uniformed or laminated (layers are placed on top of each other).

! Plastic wristbands and recycling
PVC requires a complex disposing and recycling process which makes it a non-environmentally friendly material.

Plastic PVC iconPlastic wristbands made of PVC
PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer made of Polyvinyl Chloride. In its basic form it is hard, but by adding plasticizers such as phthalates, it is possible to control the softness and flexibility of the material. PVC is a nonporous material and has low ink absorption. It is water resistant and tear resistant, which make it durable.

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Plastic wristbands L print Via eMail

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