Printing machines

We have our own machines for printing on Tyvek® paper (paper wristbands), Microtex synthetic paper (race numbers), plastic (plastic wristbands) and textile (lanyards and textile wristbands). Our backup machines minimize production delays and ensure delivery on time.

Compact printing system JMB4

We have developed our own thermal printing system JMB4, including software and product templates. It is the most diversified and comprehensive printing solution of its kind on the market today. JMB4 printing system can be used to customize wristbands, cloakroom tickets, admission tickets, tags, labels and wide ribbons. Using predefined printing templates makes it user friendly and easy to operate.

Customizing using Online Designers

We pioneered the concept of Online Designing, offering our customers the ability to customize paper wristbands and festival wristbands on their computer screen. From the beginning, we added designing flexibilities that were far ahead of other designers on the internet. Today we offer complex product designing capabilities and have added a whole line of products that can be customized online. Users can easily personalize paper roll tickets, cloakroom tickets and coupons, saving time and costs. Designing lanyards directly on the screen, is very visual and offers a choice of textures, sizes and accessories. We have overcome the challenge of designing elongated and vertical wide ribbon articles. Inauguration ribbons and sashes can now be visualized on the screen in a realistic way. At present, our online designers for customizing products are among the most advanced designers in the world.